Militant leftists arrested after New Year’s Eve rioting in Minneapolis, vandalism of federal buildings in Philadelphia

Left-wing militants in Minneapolis and Philadelphia apparently decided they’d ring in the new year not with horns and high-fives but rather with knives, mace, Molotov cocktails, and bricks in order to spread their messages of peace, love, and acceptance.

What are the details?

In Minneapolis, five people were charged Monday with second-degree riot-armed with a dangerous weapon, a felony,
KARE-TV reported. They are Jordan Abhold, 26, Nelson Mendez, 31, Thomas Moseley, 29, Marc Holley, 32, and Laura Galaviz, 29, the station said, citing the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office.

KARE said the arrests occurred one night after
a man was shot and killed during a shootout with Minneapolis police.

More from the station:

According to the criminal complaint, Minneapolis police noticed social media posts telling people to gather at 11 p.m. that night at Park Avenue and Fourth Street in downtown Minneapolis. The posts said to wear black and “mask up,” according to the complaint. The posts also made threats of property damage, including “BURN THE PRECINCTS & THE PRISONS!”

The complaint says about 75 people gathered at Commons Park chanting and marching on the sidewalks and roads, disrupting traffic and the light rail trains. The march continued to the Hennepin County Juvenile Justice Center and the Juvenile Detention Center on Park Avenue, according to the complaint.

Police also saw members of the group shooting fireworks toward motorists and spray-painting graffiti on buildings, including the detention center and the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office, the complaint states.

According to the complaint, less than 45 minutes after the group arrived at the park, officers were ordered to move in and detain as many of the people as possible. While many scattered, the complaint says officers arrested about 35 of them.

During the arrests, the complaint say officers recovered knives, mace, improvised spike balls, fireworks, gas masks, a taser, body armor and helmets. Five of the people arrested were charged with the felony riot charge.

Abhold was carrying a loaded .38 special revolver — which he had a permit to carry — two speed loaders with ammunition, and a device that appeared to be scanning police radio communication, KARE said, citing the complaint. Moseley was carrying a knife and already had been charged with felony damage to property at the Minneapolis Fifth Precinct police station and possession of a dangerous weapon in a courthouse, the station said, citing the complaint. Prosecutors are seeking $100,000 bail for both of them. KARE said, citing the attorney’s office.

The station added that Holley was carrying a knife, a gas mask, zip ties, body armor, and a two-way radio, according to the complaint, Mendez had fireworks, a green laser, a taser, and a gas mask, and Galaviz was carrying two knives. Prosecutors are seeking $20,000 bail for the trio, KARE said.

All five were expected to make their first court appearances Tuesday, the station said, citing the attorney’s office.

And in the City of Brotherly Love…

Seven people were arrested after several Philadelphia federal buildings were vandalized on New Year’s Eve, police told the Associated Press.

Get a load of the lineup:

WXTF-TV identified the arrestees in the above photos as (top row, from left) Adam McVicker, Meredith Tooker, Dustin Callahan, Sydney Miller, and (bottom row) Allison Donohue, Jacob Robotin, Josey Augustine.

What are the details?

Officers spotted about 50 people — all dressed in black — at the historic U.S. Customs House around 8:30 p.m. where windows were smashed, police told the AP. Four arrests were made there, the outlet said, and three other suspects were arrested elsewhere.

Vandals then scrawled anti-police and anti-prison graffiti on the Federal Detention Center, police told the AP, adding that a nearby sheriff’s van was defaced and had several windows broken.

imageImage source: WCAU-TV video screenshot

Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Mike Cram said “numerous Molotov cocktails and some other devices which haven’t been identified” were recovered, the outlet reported.

McVicker, 25, is accused of throwing a brick and is charged with criminal mischief and related counts, as are Callahan, 24, Donohue, 23, and Augustine, 31, the AP said, adding that Robotin, 25, Miller, 22, and Tooker, 26, are charged with attempted arson and risking a catastrophe, as well was other counts that include conspiracy.

Robotin was carrying a glass jar with a fuse that had “a strong flammable odor,” as well as a plastic container with white powder labeled “Fire Starter,” police told the AP, adding that Miller had bottles with liquids that had “a chemical smell.”

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