Fla. man pulls gun on Starbucks employee after she gets his order wrong. She turns out to be the police chief’s daughter: Report

Authorities arrested a Florida man after he reportedly pulled a gun on a Starbucks employee after she got his order wrong.

The Starbucks barista in question turned out to be the daughter of Miami Gardens Police Chief Delma Noel-Pratt.

What are the details?

Police said they arrested Omar Wright, 38, after he angrily pulled out a gun on the unnamed Starbucks employee, who is 23 years old.

The incident took place at the Starbucks drive-through in Miami Gardens, Florida, on Wednesday.

Wright, clearly disgruntled, ended up pulling out his weapon on the worker after he discovered she’d forgotten to put cream cheese on his bagel, authorities said. After she gave him cream cheese, he drove away and left the scene of the incident.

Authorities arrested and charged Wright with armed robbery and assault on Thursday.

An arrest report on the incident stated that Wright’s action “caused a well-founded fear in the victim leading her to believe that if she didn’t give him the cream cheese, whether he [paid] for it or not, her life was being put at risk.”

Chief Noel-Pratt said that her daughter is “traumatized” following the incident, according to the Associated Press.

“She felt in fear of her life,” Noel-Pratt added. “It was upsetting to me to know that someone would go to that extreme not having cream cheese on his bagel.”

A spokesperson for Starbucks acknowledged the incident in a statement to WPLG-TV.

“The safety of our partners (employees) and customers is always our top priority, and we are grateful to learn that no one was injured,” the statement said.

Noel-Pratt told the station that she immediately went into “mom mode” when she heard the news.

“Forget about the badge, forget about the title, that’s my child,” she said. “And I thought about, am I going to see her again? Is she OK? Of course, she was upset, she was crying, and so I had to go into mom mode.”

She added that the suspect was able to be taken into custody due to surveillance footage in the area.

“It’s thanks in part to the witnesses, to the real-time crime center that we have,” Noel-Pratt said. “Because of the various cameras that they have in that system, they were able to get a partial tag.”

WPLG also reported that Wright appeared in court on Friday, where he said that he doesn’t believe he should be facing armed robbery charges because he “just wanted some cream cheese.”

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