Dem Rep. Velázquez attacks Christopher Columbus as a “Genocidal maniac”

The Democrats decided to complete another swamp-pile on Oct. 11, which was no surprise. The target this time? Christopher Columbus founder of the New World.


Dem Rep. Velázquez brought out jabs on Twitter, Monday morning stating, “ Today should just be #IndigenousPeopleDay… and yet this day is still shared with a genocidal maniac.”

Being no-shy of joining a stock-pile, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, D-N. Y. tweeted: “Millions of indigenous people lost their lives during the genocide committed against them in the Americas. Today we pause in solemn recognition of this human tragedy. And recommit to uplift the original occupants of this land.”

Some Americans still know what Holiday is on Oct. 11. 

Rep Jim Jordan, R-Ohio sent out a 2-word drop Tweet today to fire back at the left: “Columbus Day,”

Sen Doug Mastriano, R-PA, also tweeted out, “Today, we celebrate Christopher Columbus arriving in the Americas and the dawn of Western Civilization in the New World. #ColumbusDay,”

Several states across the nation decided to ban Columbus Day and rename Oct. 11 Indigenous Peoples Day. President Biden made a separate Proclamation to reference the “violence” and “devastation” that western exploration brought to the Americas.

Thankfully, some people still understand the value and courage that Columbus had to find the free land. Maybe one day, the left will finally learn something about that. 

“It’s called Columbus Day. Pass it on,” the House Republicans’ official Twitter account wrote

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