“You deserve respect!” Sen Braun welcomes Chicago Police who refuse the COVID vaccine mandate

Senator Braun welcomed Chicago police officers refusing the vaccine mandate to Indiana with open arms Tuesday evening, stating, “You deserve respect.”


Roughly 35% of Chicago’s 12,770 police officers could be placed on no-pay status in the foreseeable future. 

In August, Chicago Mayor Lightfoot announced a policy that required all city employees to be fully vaccinated by Saturday or risk being placed on no-pay status. While insisting Chicago residents should not be concerned about their safety.

It is always easier said than done to tell residents of a city with a 58% higher crime rate than the national average to “remain calm” when spending $17.3 million for private security detail.

Illinois Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) President Chris Southwood directly expressed his thoughts, one that many fellow police officers have,

“It clearly states that it’s unlawful to discriminate because of a person’s conscientious refusal to receive health care service contrary to his or her conscience.” 

Southwood continued addressing what most police officers around the nation have, which is natural immunity. “A lot of our members already had COVID. What about the natural immunities that they have now that protects them even in some studies showing better than the vaccine does, and they don’t have to deal with the adverse effects of the vaccine.”

Steve Scheckel, chief of police in Munster, Indiana, also addressed the situation from a different perspective than Southwood, stating he is “absolutely open to the idea of working alongside Chicago Police Officers looking to transfer.” 

Within more Left-leaning states, this pushback seems to turn into a common trend of police officers transferring out of heavily democratic cities, where they are underrepresented to work for states and cities that are appreciative of their work. I wish nothing but the best to the police officers that decide to transfer out and find a more secure living situation for their families. Maybe this will be a good wake-up call for Mayor Lightfoot.

What are your thoughts? How is your state handling police vaccine mandates? 

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