Sydney Watson and Elijah Schaffer explain Communism in less than five minutes

It seems the progressive left operates more similarly to a regime than a representative republic, and the current regime rewards anybody and everybody supporting their propaganda. Conversely, those not in favor of the regime find themselves punished.

In this clip, “You Are Here” hosts Sydney Watson and Elijah Schaffer discussed the aggressive tactics used by the political left and why the tactics are effective.

According to Elijah, the regime pushes globalism — a one-world government movement full of liberty-crushing policy found on the United Nations website. He explained how honest voices that dare to stand up for the truth find themselves censored, ridiculed, and destroyed.

Sydney took the points Elijah made a step farther and pinpointed how the leftist regime had well-known playbooks and roadmaps that spell out everything a Communist regime needs to collapse a political system. She eloquently explained that Communist ideology does not have to be studied by each new generation. Only a tiny corrupt few are needed to spread the cancerous ideology like wildfire.

Sydney recently tweeted (see below) a great example of how Communism takes root when the people are afraid of speaking out against the regime.

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Watch the clip below for the full conversation. Can’t watch? Download the podcast here.

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