Video: Teacher punched in face, knocked to floor as she tries to break up vicious fight between two 15-year-old males in HS classroom

Cellphone video caught the moment a Louisiana high school teacher was punched in the face and knocked to the floor as she tried to break up a fight between two 15-year-old males last week, reported.

What are the details?

The fight occurred just before 2:30 p.m. last Friday in a Chalmette High School classroom, the St. Bernard Parish sheriff’s office told the outlet. Chalmette is about 25 minutes east of New Orleans.

Video shows the teacher yelling at the students to stop fighting and attempting to grab the students. At one point she gets between the students, and then at least one punches her in the face; the other makes a punching motion at the teacher at nearly the same time. She then grabs her face and falls down:

School resource officers responded to the incident and took the two students into custody, reported.

Both of them were booked on a charge of battery of a schoolteacher, the outlet said.

The sheriff’s office didn’t identify the students because they are juveniles, said, adding that authorities didn’t say what sparked the fight.

What happened to the teacher?

Doris Voitier — superintendent of St. Bernard Parish Public Schools — told WVUE-TV that the teacher, who asked to not be identified, suffered bruises. While students in the video yell, “You broke her nose!” Voitier told WVUE the teacher’s nose was not broken.

“I told [the teacher] to take some time and make sure she gets fully healed before she comes back,” Voitier noted to station.

The superintendent also told WVUE that “when I saw the video, I was appalled; our teacher shouldn’t be involved in an environment like that, and our students should have ways to settle their differences.”

Voitier added to WWL-TV that students are having “much more difficulty in settling differences and talking through problems” and that “we’re seeing that portrayed not only within our schools but the community at large. So we need more support for the students, for the families, and for the community.”

WVUE reported that the teacher getting punched was the second major incident at the high school in the space of a week; on Sept. 12, a former student was arrested after school hours for allegedly pulling a gun during a fight on campus.

(H/T: The Police Tribune)

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